The standings after the first tournament

After the first tournament if over, the Debating League of Europe has its first official standings. Not surpisingly, they reflect closely the results of the first tournament.

Next weekend it’s going to get more interesting, when we will incorporate the results of the UCU Open.

Note:  If a debating society has more than one teams in the top ten, only the first team will get points. The other teams get no points, but they still “block” the points for the other competing teams.

The ranking for individual speakers

See you next weekend in Utrecht!



2 thoughts on “The standings after the first tournament

  1. Jason, Pam, Ashish and Fred received the same amount of speaker points and should therefore also receive the same number of DLE points, no? Same goes for Calin, Bionda and Bas, and maybe some other speakers too. Better check that tab again 🙂

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