Standings After First Tournament – Revised

With help of a few fellow debaters who detected sime mistakes, I was able to eliminate irregularities that had skneaked into the first version of the standings of the DLE. I guess that these are hick-ups that happen in something is new. The changes include: In the speaker tab of the DLE, speakers with the same amount of speaker points in the SOAS IV tab got the the same amount of speaker points in the DLE speaker tab. Speakers who are not students are now excluded. A similar rule holds true for the team standings, where all teams with no student in it got taken off the tab. That does not mean, that the other teams and speakers move up in points.
If you find more things that ought to be corrected, please inform me in the comments! Thanks a lot.

Note:  If a debating society has more than one teams in the top ten, only the first team will get points. The other teams get no points, but they still “block” the points for the other competing teams. If a team is made up of people who are not students, the same holds true.

The ranking for individual speakers


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