Standings after 6 of 7 Tournaments – First Stats

Only a few days are left before the last tournament of the first season of the DLE. Time to take a look at the current standings.
Up to now, 35 societies could score pointa in the Open Break and 31 societies are on my list for the ESL Break.
The number for speaker are much higher. In the Open Break there are 90 different speakers with points next to their names. In the ESL Break it’s 88 – with Dutch and Romanian Speakers leading the pack.

Four societies can still win the league: UCD, Utrecht Belgrade and Sheffield could make it.


In the ESL-Break it is even more thrilling – mathematically, seven societies could still be in for the big win: Leiden, BBU, Belgrade, Bonaparte, Erasmus, Rossevelt and Stuttgart could be the ones.6o7_eslteams





In the speaker tab, nothing has changed to the Open Break – since there were virtually no native speakers in Belgrade (shame!), this categoy skipped one tournament.

In the ESL Speaker-Tab some things have changed. But mathematically, it is impossible for anyone to overtake Daan by now. Congratulations!6o7_eslspeakers